Addressing Social Isolation Virtually and In-Person: No One Eats Alone Day

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two students hold promotional no one eats alone bags

福利视频's local approach empowers us to determine new ways to help families in need, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. Social isolation affects millions of students and has been identified as a precursor to bullying, self-harm, and community violence. This past year, social isolation has gained additional significance in the wake of the pandemic, as many students participated in remote learning and had limited opportunities for social interaction.

Beyond Differences raises national awareness about adolescent social isolation, a preventable public health crisis. in solving the problem of social isolation through the No One Eats Alone Positive Prevention Initiative.

No One Eats Alone is a school-based program that gives students across the county the skills and inspiration to end social isolation and raise awareness of social isolation as a public health crisis. A Positive Prevention Initiative for middle school youth, it includes an original curriculum, a national awareness day, and student leadership training. It teaches students how to be advocates for inclusion, giving them the tools to help combat social isolation.

This year, 福利视频's health plans helped promote awareness and drive change by hosting online events across the country. Community representatives from聽福利视频's聽health plans聽partnered with schools to organize virtual聽No One Eats Alone Day聽assemblies, reaching more than 23,500 children in 47 schools with more events planned throughout the year.

Many of 福利视频's health plans participated in this year's initiative by hosting events with schools in Indiana, Kentucky, Mississippi, and other states. Following 福利视频's local approach, each school put their own spin on the event.

More than 1,200 students at North Hardin High School in Radcliff, Kentucky, participated in No One Eats Alone Day events sponsored by WellCare of Kentucky.

Students at Escatawpa Upper Elementary School in Moss Point, Mississippi, participated in a No One Eats Alone event sponsored by Magnolia Health.

A No One Eats Alone event in Indianapolis, Indiana, was covered by local media. MHS Indiana provided a virtual presentation that could be adapted for in-person instruction and remote learning.

Building empathy and compassion is a lifelong skill and is vital to the health of our communities. Learn about No One Eats Alone events of years past, and how 福利视频 empowers youth across the country.