Advancing Equity and Inclusion During National Hispanic Heritage Month

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National Hispanic Heritage Month

福利视频 celebrates National Hispanic Heritage Month Sept. 15 through Oct. 15 as we spotlight our Hispanic employees and leaders that advance our steadfast commitment to further equity and inclusion in the workplace and communities where we live, work, and serve.

Nearly one-third of 福利视频鈥檚 members are from Hispanic and Latinx communities, representing more than eight million members. In addition, more than 16 percent of 福利视频 employees identify as Hispanic or Latinx. 福利视频 works with local organizations and providers to drive change and improve health outcomes for these communities who often lack access to culturally competent care. In addition, we advocate for our members to address racial and ethnic disparities in healthcare.

Hispanic and Latinx communities continue to face disproportionate adverse health and economic impacts from COVID-19 鈥 even while representing more than 60 million individuals across the U.S. To help address this issue, the聽福利视频 Charitable Foundation pledged to match the first $1 million in corporate donations to the . The fund assists Hispanic families in post-pandemic recovery. This donation comes at a time when less than 2% of philanthropic dollars are invested in Hispanic-serving organizations.

福利视频 Chairman and CEO Michael Neidorff and Chief Communications Officer Marcela Manjarrez Hawn recently called on Fortune 1000 companies to contribute to the initiative and play an active role in reducing systemic inequities that have challenged the Hispanic community. 鈥淲e now have an opportunity and a responsibility to address the inequities that are inflicting and affecting our Hispanic brothers and sisters,鈥 said 福利视频 Chairman and CEO Michael Neidorff. 鈥淲e have been given a clear opportunity to close the well-being gap faced by far too many Hispanic Americans, our nation鈥檚 largest minority group. It is our time to invest in change.鈥

鈥淭he Hispanic Family Equity Fund is one of several ways 福利视频 supports Hispanic communities, including our strategic partnership with the National Hispanic Medical Association,鈥 said Ms. Manjarrez Hawn. 鈥湼@悠 also advances Hispanic organizations throughout the country through sponsorships and volunteer opportunities. We hold a deep responsibility to the Hispanic and Latinx community and the individuals we serve.鈥

With additional emphasis during the next 30 days, 福利视频鈥檚 multicultural Employee Inclusion Group MOSAIC will host special events to ensure 福利视频 employees have an opportunity to learn and grow as well as be celebrated. In addition, 福利视频鈥檚 Diversity, Equity & Inclusion team and MOSAIC created an employee resource guide spotlighting Hispanic and Latinx communities to foster employee learning this month.

鈥湼@悠 holds a strong commitment to our diverse communities and particularly to our employees who serve our most vulnerable individuals,鈥 said Ms. Manjarrez Hawn. 鈥淲e are truly grateful to be in a position to make change, drive better healthcare access and outcomes, and create a better world for the next generation.鈥