New Carbondale Service Center Brings Care and Jobs to Southern Illinois

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福利视频 CEO Michael Neidorff and Illinois Governor cut ceremonial ribbon with other executives

福利视频 and IlliniCare Health celebrated the opening of a new service center in Carbondale, Illinois, with a ribbon cutting ceremony on May 8. 福利视频 leadership, including Chairman, President, and CEO Michael Neidorff, joined Illinois Governor J. B. Pritzker and other elected officials and local civic leaders for the ceremony. The 80,000-square foot facility is expected to bring 350 new jobs to the area.

Mr. Neidorff emphasized the new development supports the organization鈥檚 commitment to southern Illinois and the communities 福利视频 serves by providing more resources to help remove barriers to care. He noted that this new center contributes both to the health of the聽community and to local economic development.

鈥淭oday鈥檚 event highlights our unwavering commitment to keeping our members at the forefront of everything we do, while providing the best possible tools and resources for our employees. . . When all positions are filled, we will employ more than 1,750 employees throughout Illinois, reflecting a diverse and highly-skilled population. And that employee population will continue to grow,鈥 said Mr. Neidorff. 鈥淲e look forward to attracting and retaining the top talent in the region to help us deliver the highest quality of care to the vulnerable population we serve.鈥

IlliniCare Health CEO Leslie Naamon also spoke on the importance of supporting the southern Illinois community through job creation.

"Two years ago, 福利视频 began its search for a location for a new service center," said Ms. Naamon. "We selected Carbondale to aid in its economic development by bringing jobs to its residents and specifically to create opportunities for young people to enter the workforce and therefore remain in the region. We have many instrumental partners who have enabled our local economic, civic, healthcare and educational involvement鈥攁ll of which contribute to an enriched environment empowering healthier decisions that create more vibrant families and communities."

Governor Pritzker recognized the impact of 福利视频's presence in Illinois. 鈥淭hat鈥檚 a direct investment in this community that will create opportunity for so many working families,鈥 said Governor Pritzker. 鈥淚 will be your partner as we work to ensure communities across southern Illinois and across our state get the care they deserve and the investment they need to thrive.鈥

Governor Pritzker also acknowledged the overall need for better behavioral health and substance abuse services and recognized 福利视频 for its focus on those areas of care. 鈥淚鈥檓 very focused on making sure we are meeting those needs, and 福利视频 is focused on the same thing,鈥 said Pritzker.

The new facility will be shared by 福利视频 and IlliniCare Health, offering a variety of healthcare-related positions. For more information on