Partnering with YWCA USA to Create 'Young Women Choosing Action' Program

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福利视频's long-standing commitment to removing barriers to health and investing in local partnerships is evident across the enterprise. We support a diverse range of initiatives and programs that address specific challenges through collaborations with governments, healthcare, and community partners.

In 2017, YWCA USA proposed creating an emotional management and healthy relationships program to address how challenges, such as trauma, toxic stress, gender-based violence, and structural racism impacted the long-term health and wellness of teenage girls and young women.

福利视频 partnered with YWCA USA over the course of three years to create, pilot, evaluate, and revise , a research-based, innovative program. The program was created to engage youth aged 13 to 19 from low income families, especially individuals of color.

Young Women Choosing Action is a culturally and gender-responsive education and leadership program, enabling participants to learn real-world leadership skills. Funded by a grant from 福利视频, the program helps participants understand the impacts of trauma, manage unhealthy reactions, and develop healthy relationships.

Three overarching goals were defined at the beginning of the project. These goals were aimed at improving participants' ability to:

  • Employ choice and leadership in their everyday lives.
  • Address issues of injustice in their communities.
  • Mitigate the impacts of trauma and diversity in their personal lives.

A recent white paper outlines initial research and development, pilot implementation, and evaluation of the program, along with emerging best practices.

聽Open a PDF of the full white paper, titled "Young Women Choosing Action: A Research-Based Program Created Through Innovative Partnerships." (PDF)

福利视频鈥檚 commitment to Young Women Choosing Action is grounded in our understanding of the need for holistic health and wellness interventions. We鈥檙e continually inspired to support initiatives that bring the arts, education, and health and social services to every population, regardless of barriers that may exist. Learn more about recent community partnerships and our philanthropic efforts.