Diabetes Awareness Month: Educate, Advocate, and Motivate

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With diabetes contributing to a host of serious health complications, it's vital that 福利视频 and its health plans develop innovative ways to educate and motivate our members. Small lifestyle changes can add up to large improvements in health outcomes, which is why November's designation as Diabetes Awareness Month is an ideal time to learn more about proper care of chronic illnesses.

Support in managing diabetes can take many forms. Trillium Community Health Plan, 福利视频's Oregon health plan, hosts a Diabetic Prevention Program to inform, motivate, and keep members on track with their health goals. The video below highlights how the program is improving outcomes and changing lives:

Research from the CDC has found that health coaching, a cornerstone of Trillium's program, can facilitate better individual management of diabetes. Behavioral changes are often at the core of diabetes management, an issue that researchers at the 鈩 have been studying in earnest.

The 福利视频 Center for Health Transformation is a community-corporate-academic healthcare partnership that advances life-centric health research to improve lives so that communities can thrive. A recent explores the psychology of diabetic members in order to develop innovative solutions for improvement of health outcomes. A identified opportunities to improve a diabetes coaching program through the lens of behavioral economics.

It's often too easy to assume that all diabetic members have the same levels of education, physical activity, access to healthy foods, and other elements of health equity. To better remove barriers to healthcare, it's vital that we understand the challenges facing a widely diverse population. Learn more about 福利视频's robust efforts to address social determinants of health.