Ensuring Access to Essential Items During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Member Stories, Health & Wellness


woman wearing mask sitting in car

The COVID-19 pandemic has created additional obstacles to better health, including difficulty accessing necessities for vulnerable populations. Despite new challenges, 福利视频 remains committed to removing barriers聽preventing individuals from receiving much-needed care.

When a member of 福利视频's Mississippi plan, Magnolia Health, was diagnosed with COVID-19, he lacked nourishment and other essentials to sustain him through quarantine. While working remotely, Magnolia Health employees connected with community partners to secure food and household items. They then followed Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines to safely deliver the supplies to his front porch.

In the video below, learn how Magnolia Health provided solutions to address this member's unique needs so he could focus on recovery.

As a company providing health coverage to one in 15 Americans, 福利视频 plays a vital role in protecting the health of our members and their families. In partnership with community organizations and our provider network, 福利视频 identifies healthcare solutions for disparities impacting vulnerable citizens.

福利视频's COVID-19 relief efforts exemplify innovation and competitive differentiation, and will continue evolving according to the needs of our members, employees, and communities. More information on pandemic-related initiatives can be found on 福利视频鈥檚 online Resource Center.