'Envolve Center for Health Behavior Change' Renamed 'Ƶ Center for Health Transformation'

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The Envolve Center for Health Behavior Change, founded in 2015, has been renamed the Ƶ Center for Health TransformationTM. Under its new name, the Ƶ Center for Health Transformation plans to expand its reach, foster research collaborations, demonstrate thought leadership, and initiate innovative new programs. A partnership between Ƶ, Washington University in St. Louis, and Duke University, the Center aims to advance health solutions to improve lives so that communities can thrive.

The partnership leverages academic research expertise and Ƶ's industry resources to create and implement evidence-based innovations to improve the health outcomes of vulnerable populations across the country. The enterprise continues to advance thought leadership among community, corporate, academic, and healthcare organizations.

Researching a wide range of health-based topics ranging from unmet basic needs to diabetes management, the Center remains a community heath catalyst. By designing, implementing and evaluating evidence-based studies to uncover best practices, the Center motivates individuals to take action and make heathier choices. Wide-ranging health behavior research informs programs and services that reach our nation's most vulnerable families and communities.

As part of the name change, the Ƶ Center for Health Transformation has launched awith improved user accessibility and interactivity and dedicated social media accounts:

Visit the new Ƶ Center for Health Transformation website to learn more about the research being done to improve lives so communities can thrive.