Hispanic Heritage Month 2021: Leading with a Commitment to Family, Culture, and Tradition

Transforming Communities


Hispanic Heritage Month Leaders across 福利视频

As we prepare to close Hispanic Heritage Month 2021, 福利视频 leaders across our business and health plans shared key words to express the richness and diversity of the Hispanic and Latinx communities. These leaders represent more than 16 percent of 福利视频 employees who identify as Hispanic or Latinx. While we recognize the varied cultures and histories within this group, we also celebrate their shared connection.

With 27 percent of 福利视频鈥檚 members identifying as Hispanic or Latinx, it is important to recognize and honor these core values. Just as our leaders represent the diversity within the Hispanic and Latinx communities, so do our members.聽

word cloud of values that inspire Hispanic and Latinx leaders at 福利视频

The聽福利视频 Charitable Foundation pledged to match the first $1 million in corporate donations to the聽 to support Hispanic and Latinx communities. The fund assists Hispanic and Latinx families in post-pandemic recovery. This donation comes at a time when less than 2% of philanthropic dollars are invested in Hispanic-serving organizations.

福利视频 Chairman and CEO Michael Neidorff and Chief Communications Officer Marcela Manjarrez Hawn recently called on Fortune 1000 companies to contribute to the initiative and play an active role in reducing systemic inequities that have challenged the Hispanic and Latinx communities. 鈥淲e now have an opportunity and a responsibility to address the inequities that are inflicting and affecting our Hispanic and Latinx brothers and sisters,鈥 said 福利视频 Chairman and CEO Michael Neidorff. 鈥淲e have been given a clear opportunity to close the well-being gap faced by far too many Hispanic Americans, our nation鈥檚 largest minority group. It is our time to invest in change.鈥

鈥淭he Hispanic Family Equity Fund is one of several ways 福利视频 supports Hispanic and Latinx communities, including our strategic partnership with the National Hispanic Medical Association,鈥 said Ms. Manjarrez Hawn. 鈥湼@悠 also advances Hispanic and Latinx organizations throughout the country through sponsorships and volunteer opportunities. We hold a deep responsibility to the Hispanic and Latinx communities and the individuals we serve.鈥