Meet Chadwick Bush: 福利视频 Utilization Manager and Advocate for the Differently-abled Community

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Chadwick Bush, 福利视频 employee.

Chadwick A. Bush joined 福利视频 in 2018 as a Utilization Manager for 福利视频 Behavioral Health. He specializes in processing behavioral health inpatient authorization requests for 福利视频鈥檚 Medicare members ensuring appropriate resources are offered in their respective communities. Read on to learn more about Chadwick鈥檚 role and his advocacy for the differently-abled community during National Disability Employment Awareness Month.

Q:聽Why is it essential to recognize National Disability Employment Awareness Month (NDEAM)? As an employer of choice, what is 福利视频 doing that makes you proud as it relates to supporting the differently-abled community?

础:听It is important to recognize National Disability Employment Awareness Month because having a disability does not mean that an individual is not able. 福利视频 is built on the pillars of diversity and inclusion. Moreover, the 福利视频 workforce includes a multitude of individuals who have been affected by a form of disability in their personal life. Thus, promoting NDEAM brings awareness to the courage and strength of every individual who overcomes obstacles, hidden or seen, on a daily basis.

I am proud of 福利视频 for offering required trainings and resources that highlight the importance of diversity and inclusion. As well, through the formation of the ABILITY Employee Inclusion Group, 福利视频 has been able to spotlight disability awareness events and offer employees increased resources and opportunities pertaining to disability awareness and disability education. The role of the Employee Inclusion Groups is to ensure that everyone has a voice regardless of gender, race, ethnicity, military background, or sexual orientation.

Q:聽Why do you participate in the ABILITY Employee Inclusion Group (EIG) at 福利视频? What has been your most important learning as part of the EIG?聽聽

础:听I chose to participate in the ABILITY Employee Inclusion Group because I was born with the loss of my right hand as a result of amniotic band syndrome. Furthermore, I was raised to view my physical circumstance as a simple obstacle that could be overcome through adaptation and determination. My learned resolve drives me to be passionate in my daily life, in regards, to showing others through my actions that the concept of disability is not a detriment. Moreover, it is an opportunity for growth and inspiration. My participation in the ABILITY Employee Inclusion Group provided me a platform to spread my passion for disability awareness throughout 福利视频.

The most important lesson that I learned in my endeavors with the ABILITY Employee Inclusion Group is that you have to view life through a lens of love and understanding. No two individuals are completely alike. Therefore, as human beings, we must strive to treat everyone with dignity and respect. For 福利视频, that means creating an inclusive work environment that accommodates all of its employees.

Q:聽Who has influenced you in your career and why?

础:听The greatest influences in my 福利视频 career regarding disability awareness came from Wale Soluade and Kent Kasischke 鈥 two leaders in 福利视频鈥檚 Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion office. They both believed in me to be a founding member of the ABILITY Employee Inclusion Group. Over the past three years, I was able to serve as a corporate Co-chair for Membership and Awareness and as a Co-chair for Mentorship. Last year, I launched the first-ever ABILITY Mentorship Program for 福利视频. Thus, the responsibility bestowed upon me allowed me to make an indelible impact that will benefit thousands of 福利视频 employees for years to come.

Q:聽What is the most critical piece of career or life advice you have ever received?

础:听The most important life advice that I have ever received came from my grandmother, Queenie Barnes. She always told me that the mind is the greatest tool in the world. Thus, if you believe in yourself wholeheartedly, then you can accomplish any goal that you desire. Therefore, my own self-belief allowed me to become the first one-handed student to graduate from my nursing program at The University of Mississippi Medical Center. Her advice has truly guided me and helped me to overcome all of life鈥檚 hurdles.