Spotlighting Nursing Contributions During National Nurses Week

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nurse talks with patient on couch

National Nurses Week is observed May 6鈥揗ay 12 each year, ending on Florence Nightingale's birthday, the founder of modern-day nursing. 福利视频 would like to recognize the invaluable contributions nursing professionals make to keep our individuals and communities safe and healthy. 福利视频 also thanks nurses across the globe as they work tirelessly聽as part of the front-line teams combatting the COVID-19 pandemic.

Nurses are an essential part of our local approach to helping members gain access to healthcare and improving health outcomes. In the video below, Kim Henrichsen, RN, MSN, 福利视频 Senior Vice President, Population Health and Clinical Operations, shares opportunities within the profession and how 福利视频's nurses positively impact the health of the communities we serve. The video is also featured in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch along with recognizing 福利视频's nursing staff who help provide care and services for our nearly 24 million members.

Our nurses and care teams work together to implement award-winning programs, develop care plans, enable community partnerships, and work one-on-one with many of our most vulnerable members. They help identify health risks while enhancing independence, quality of life, and community engagement. Implementing the latest technology allows our clinical teams to deliver targeted and most-effective health interventions.

"At 福利视频, nurses who serve as care managers collaborate with behav颅ioral health care mangers, care coordi颅nators, and community health workers to create care teams that surround and support members on their health jour颅ney," says Henrichsen. "Members of our care teams also partner with communi颅ty organizations to design and deliver care pathways for our members. It鈥檚 a wonderful opportunity to be innovative and to think about how we can truly transform healthcare at a local level."

If you're interested in joining 福利视频's clinical team, visit to explore career opportunities.